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Server behaviour is controlled via a configuration file, located by default at /etc/vaxiin-server-config/config.yaml. You can override this location by exporting the SERVER_CONFIG_PATH environment variable.

The configuration file accepts the parameters below:

Key nameDescriptionDefault
hostIP address server listens on0.0.0.0
portTCP port server listens on5000
db_pathPath to directory storing the database file/db
get_statesEnable automatic screenshot collection and state generation for zombiesTRUE
run_rulesEnable automatic execution of rules and contained actions against matching statesFALSE
periodic_work_assignment_intervalInterval for matching open states to rules (minutes)300
get_zombie_screenshot_intervalInterval for obtaining new screenshots for zombies (minutes)300
retry_rule_intervalInterval for retrying a rule following a previous run (minutes)60
update_state_intervalInterval for obtaining a screenshot following an attempted recovery (minutes)60
pending_work_intervalInterval for checking work status (minutes)10
pending_work_timeoutThreshold interval between work assignment and marking it as timed out (minutes)30
become_zombie_intervalThreshold interval between last heartbeat and marking device as a zombie (minutes)120
mark_zombie_intervalInterval for sweeping all devices with a registered heartbeat for zombies (minutes)10
check_work_intervalInterval between checks for new work (seconds)1
max_parallel_workNumber of parallel work execution threads3
pause_between_keysPause interval between pressing of keys (does not apply to strings) (seconds)5