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Agent behaviour is controlled via a configuration file, located by default at /etc/vaxiin-agent-config/config.yaml. You can override this location by exporting the AGENT_CONFIG_PATH environment variable.

The configuration file accepts the parameters below:

Key nameDescriptionDefault
hostIP address agent listens on127.0.0.1
portTCP port agent listen on4000
vaxiin_server_urlURL of the vaxiin serverhttp://vaxiin-server:5000
heartbeat_intervalInterval for sending heartbeat (minutes)60
uidDevice unique identifier (Mandatory)
ipmi_ipDevice IPMI IP (Mandatory)
modelDevice OOB model (Mandatory)
creds_nameOOB credentials name to usedefault

Note that you must, at minimum, specify the following configuration parameters:

  • uid
  • ipmi_ip
  • model