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You control Vaxiin via a simple command-line interface (CLI), called vaxctl, which uses $HOME/.vaxctl.yaml for configuration. It follows a familiar paradigm you might’ve met before:

vaxctl [command] [TYPE] [flags]

Where command, TYPE and flags are:

  • Command: specifies the operation that you want to perform on one or more resources, for example create, get, edit, delete.
  • TYPE: specifies the resource types. These are case insensitive.
  • flags: have nothing to do with countries. Some are optional, some are mandatory. You use these to select something specific to interact with, increase verbosity, etc.

You can always add the -h flag to get some help, for example:

$ vaxctl -h
vaxctl is a CLI that allows creating/deleting/updating objects in the Rebooto vaxiin server

vaxctl [command]

Available Commands:
apply Create/Update a resource from file
assign Assign work
completion Generate completion script
create Create a resource from file
delete Delete a resource
edit Edit a resource
generate Generate a new resource template
get Display one or many resources
help Help about any command
interactive Open interactive TUI
set Change state of a resource

--config string config file (default is $HOME/.vaxctl.yaml)
-h, --help help for vaxctl

Use "vaxctl [command] --help" for more information about a command.