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Enter interactive TUI mode.

The screen layout, beginning with the top left window, is as follows:

  • Action / Selection
  • Resource Data
  • Dynamic View
  • Table / OCR View

You can move between the different screens using tab / shift-tab or by pressing shift-number directly (eg, shift-3 for Dynamic View). Space is used to toggle and Enter to select. You can press b to go back one screen, knowing that whatever changes you made will not be erased unless you quit (via q or ctrl-c) or explicitly choose to 'Clear Fields'.

INTERACTIVE mode includes additional navigational help for each of the windows for special actions such as ‘toggling’, ‘reordering’, ‘adding’ and ‘removing’ resources. Most changes are local to the TUI and not applied to the server, unless you explicitly 'Save To Server'. Where that is not the case, we’ll explicitly state so - specifically in the cases of rule re-ordering and toggling of default credentials.